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GPonline(A division of Gyanpushp computers).
Gponline is launched because we saw the need for a place where the local community within a city could come together, meet and help each other in many ways. Like Students can come here to find jobs, job alerts, exam's alerts. Employer can come here to find employee and can post his recruitment.

Portal for people(CFC) who are in internet profession and provide online services to their customers like online form filling of various competitive exams, online utility services etc.

The Portal was created to provide online educational & professionals information to student / job seeker's where they can discuss their problems related to their work and to get help from our CFC. Portal provides Job's alerts, Exam's alerts, Admissions alerts, Results, Admit card alerts, various solutions of problems which people face during online work.
We hope to address all such needs and more by connecting people in an easy and Gponline way.

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